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Monday, August 21, 2006

August 21st Update - More Baby pictures!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while since we wrote, no babies ..Yet. Last Friday was week 32, so we are now well on our way to week 32..Melissa is doing well, blood pressure is great, contractions are under control, only feeling a bit uncomfortable and I am sure anxious to get the next few weeks over! This weekend was good. We went to the pool, watched the PGA (go Tiger!) Sunday night football, and other shows. Abue Tere (my mom) came back on Friday from working on the house in Farmington (along with Nana, Aunt Dee, Uncle Dan, Kaitlyn, Geoff and Kelli) Thanks guys for your help! Grammy Mary Ann (Melissa's Mom) went back to Michigan on Saturday, miss you Grammy!

We have full ultrasound scheduled with Doctor Elliott on Thursday, we are going to take some pictures of the doctor's office and the staff..So look for new ones then..

Still on track for at least 34 weeks, possibly more..

Continuing on the publishing of baby ultrasounds, attached here are the four now starting to take shape!! This is from our first hospital visit in Phoenix on June 4..

Take care everyone and thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on the blog..We are so lucky to have so many people that care!

Dan and Mel

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