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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Quads! and the Doctors

Hi everyone, Today is the Quads' one week birthday! It is amazing that much time has passed already. With Sammy, Natalia and Sofia home, we have now settled into our 3 hour feeding/changing routine, dividing up the work, living by the alarm clock, etc. We went to the pediatrician's office today with the 3.. Boy what an adventure. We had three car seats in my Mom's Honda, plus Mom and Dad, but we made it! They are so cute in their little car seats...I included pictures of that and of the doctor's visit...The appointment went really well. They are all gaining weight, feeding well and holding their temperatures. The doctors continue to be amazed that the 3 made it out of the hospital in 4 days. We have another appointment on Friday.

My mom and I went to the hospital to visit Matthew. He is also doing well, now he is in an open crib. He is working on his breathing and eating. Matthew will probably be in the NICU for another 1-2 weeks. At that point he can fly, and we will all come back to Michigan!

One other note, Melissa's grandmother (Nana) is coming tomorrow to help out. We are very excited for her arrival and look forward to some very cute babies with Great Grandmother pictures!!

Thanks everyone for your comments and posts, it really is so sweet and touches us!

Take care..

P.S. There are loads of pictures at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for the quads! I'm so happy that nana is coming out. Tell her hola

2:57 AM  
Blogger martins said...

I'm so happy we get to hear from DJ because of the quads! Hola, Deej! I love my babies and miss them. Give them kisses and hugs!

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh, the pics of them in their car seats are sooo cute!!! I miss them and I haven't even met them yet!!!

7:01 AM  
Blogger Auntie Sil said...

Yippy! I love all the pics. Great job!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOn muy lindosssssss, Felicitaciones Mel y Dan!!!

Besos de toda la gente de Argentina a esos bebes tan lindos.


1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melissa - you guys are going to have so much fun with the little ones! Thanks for including us and we wish you and Dan all the best.

Joe & Carla

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys. The Cincy folks send their love to you all. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. This is truly amazing. We love the updates. They are beautiful. I love the car seat pics. Can't wait to see all 4 together. Love Sar and Benj.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea!!!! so glad to hear that they're growing and haven't lost weight!!! Such cutie pies!!!

7:07 PM  

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