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Friday, September 01, 2006

Our crazy day with the TV Interviews!

Hi everyone, wow what a day..Yesterday the hospital PR staff asked us if it would be okay to do a press release and maybe some TV. Today at about 12:45 PM the hospital called and said 5 TV stations (CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and one other that we don't know) and 1 radio station wanted to stop by and do interviews. We said..Sure!

It was really cool, they asked us questions like how did you feel when they were born, what did you do when you found out, why did you come to Phoenix, etc..I even got in a cheesy joke about how Angelina Jolie and Brad go to Africa, we go to Phoenix for Child birth..

We just saw the 5:00 news on NBC and the Salinas Quads were on! There were lots of good shots of the babies, us and Kaitlyn..Though they cut the interview! I wonder if it was my cheesy jokes or my skillful interviewing skills (those of you in my MBA class know how well I do on camera!)

Anyways, Melissa, the babies and Kaitlyn (our niece) were the stars! The hospital is going to get us a DVD of all of the news coverage, so I'll post it as we get it. Plus they are sending the press release to all of our local newspapers, and maybe coverage on the local Detroit TV..It is fun for the Quads to get press at such a young age :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!! You're all famous!! :)

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