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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Blog - 9 months old!

Hi everyone! Today, May 29, is the quads' nine month birthday. We can't believe how big, healthy, and fun they are. Happy Birthday babies!!

May has been an amazing month. The babies are all babbling and 'talking' to each other. Matt and Sofi (the early risers) are sharing a room now, while Naty and Sam (the party animals) are in the other. All four babies have two big bottom teeth, can sit on their own to some extent, and are in various stages of 'scooting'. Naty and Sam are almost crawling, but all of them can navigate to where they want to go by scooting, army crawling, or rolling. It's a riot to see them span out in different directions. They never stop moving, which is giving us an exciting and somewhat daunting preview of what lies ahead. :)

We have ventured out a lot more this month. We made a roadtrip to Virginia for a nine day vacation with Aunt Silvia (Dan's sister) and Uncle Wes. The babies loved it and adjusted well, sleeping through the nights and playing happily each day. Dan's Mom (Abue) returned from a trip to Argentina and was very excited to see how much the babies had grown. We also had our first backyard swim, a Mother's Day barbeque, and a three-day trip to Grammy and Grandpa's house in St. Clair. Lots of pictures below!

Our trip to Virginia was a blast!

Four highchairs, four exersaucers, four stroller seats. :)

Playtime is fun!

The weather finally turned nice in Michigan, so Sam, Nat, and Sof had a backyard pool party while Matt took a big nap.

It was exciting to see Abue after her trip to Argentina.

We love grammy and grandpa's house on the water.

Family is fun!!

Talk to you soon!!

p.s. - We have a lot more pictures on our web album. Click here or click the view more photos button on the left hand side to see them.


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When are they coming to Seattle to visit their favorite aunt and uncle?

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