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Friday, September 22, 2006

Our New Life in Michigan

This has been a great week. The babies are comfy in their new home and are doing great. They love their new bassinets. We keep one in our room for nighttime and one in the nursery for the daytime. They sleep together... the bed is divided into two sides and we rotate which babies are paired together. (Check out Matt and Sam holding hands). They are always snuggled up together and are amazingly oblivious to each other when one is crying. Little Sam is still the spunky one, punching and kicking aimlessly at the air at random intervals, then calming down immediately when held. Sofi and Matt are the calmest; they are great eaters, and are very expressive and observant. Natalia is the little peanut and loves to look around at the world while she's eating. Her full head of spikey dark hair still cracks us up.

The babies are all eating a ton. They are up to 60-90 mL (2-3 oz) every three hours, which is about double what they were eating a week ago. The feedings are the highlights of the days, since for the most part, that is the only time the babies are up. Our dog Morgan especially looks forward to feeding time - she is always right next to the babies as if she's helping. She also likes to babysit the babies when they lie on their playmat. Kaitlyn has also been a huge help. She has been coming over after school and is a pro at feeding and changing babies (see picture!).

We had an appointment with the new pediatrician and the babies were a big hit. Everyone had seen us on the news and were anxiously awaiting our arrival. The nurses were gaga over the babies and bent over backwards to help us transport them to and from the car. All four babies checked out perfectly and are scheduled to go back in two weeks for a another weigh-in and checkup. We're also in the finishing stages of buying a new minivan (a Town and Country). The Southfield Chysler dealership has loaned us one until we finalize the purchase and it has been working out great. I usually drive, and Dan sits in the back so he can keep an eye on all of the babies.

Last night Kelli, Geoff and Kaitlyn stayed over and helped with the night feedings, and tonight my parents are doing the same. So Dan, TLM, and I are getting lots of rest. Today is a bath day so the babies can be dapper for the Michigan game tomorrow. Their little M hats are clean and ready to go... go blue!


Blogger Auntie Sil said...

Great pics! Cute snuggling quads... Also love the pic of Kaitlyn and TLM with Morgy. I love the image of Morgy getting excited for feeding time and watching over things to make sure everyone is OK.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!
Those babies are adorable now and they're only going to get more so!
These pictures are priceless.
Take care everyone - we're thinking of you!

7:52 AM  
Blogger martins said...

Deuane and I had our first night duty and passed the test. 1 am and 4 am are hours we haven't seen much of (unless we're getting up at 4) They are precious and each have their own personality. They're keepers!

9:15 AM  

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