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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2 Update - DJ and Emily's Visit and Trick or Treating

November 2 was a special day because the quads finally met their Uncle DJ and Auntie Em who flew in from Seattle. Deej and Em brought some super fun gifts from their Honeymoon in Spain - a baby flamenco dress, a mini Spanish soccer uniform, two books in Spanish, and a stuffed bull called "Super Toro". Sam was excited because Uncle Deej fed him first and everyone says Sam takes after his uncle.

There was also a nice snowstorm today, and the babies were fascinated with looking out the window. We have cribs in the living room because we painted the nursery,. We may end up leaving them there for awhile because it makes it easier to care for the babies during the day. People are teasing us because the babies have completely taken over the house. :)

The quads also had a great first Halloween. They dressed up as bears and bunnies, with little pumpkin hats underneath. They trick or treated to four or five houses with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Kelli, Abue, and cousin Kaitlyn, and got lots of attention and goodies from the neighbors. :) Wow were they cute. We got a Halloween visit from our good friends Nancy and Dan and their boys, the Incredibles and Buzz. Each of Nancy's boys has officially adopted a quad, and are very sweet to them. With all the kids in the house, Morgie was on alert for Halloween candy scraps, as you can see below.

Camila, our new au pair, has had a great couple of weeks. This was her first Halloween and she enjoyed seeing the babies dressed up.

November 1 was Daddy's first official day back to work. He was sad to go back, but happy that he is lucky enough to work out of the house where he's never too far from the little pumpkins.

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute, gosh I miss the little munchkins!!! :)

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noche de Brujas (halloween) al por mayor!...estamos muy contentos de que los babies estén creciendo tan bien. Muchos saludos y besos,
Rosita y las chics.

6:36 PM  

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