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Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16 Update - Big Smiles/ Doctor Visit / Baby Revolution

Hi everyone! We've had a great week. The babies are now at the stage where they smile, giggle and interact with us. It is so much fun. They are showing off their beautiful smiles in their new animal towels above. (Thanks Rob and Missy!). Sofi is the elephant, Matt the giraffe, Sam the Lion, and Naty the little bug.

Their personalities are becoming very unique. Sofia thinks she can talk and regularly belts out what sounds exactly like "Hi!" in a playful voice. We predict that she'll be outgoing like her cousin Kaitlyn. ("Hi, I'm Sofi. Do you want to be my friend?") Sam, on the other hand, is full of energy and is presently focusing his efforts on learning how to crawl. He likes to lift his head straight up and push forward with his feet when he's on his belly, and it seems that he'll scoot across the floor any day. Matt is more of a ladies' man. He has a contagious and flirtatious smile with a bit of shyness to it, and gets his feelings hurt easily if you don't pay attention to him. (We think he still misses his harem of pretty nurses from the NICU.) Naty - last but not least - is a little princess and has big eyes that seem to take in everything you say. She's our smallest so we call her Little Peanut, and she melts your heart when she looks at you. They all do, actually.

Wednesday the quads had their monthly visit to the pediatrician. There was a bit of a revolution in the ranks. Sam has officially passed Matt and now holds the coveted title of Biggest Baby, weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs. 7.7 oz. He was very proud of this accomplishment, and cooed in celebration upon hearing the news. Matt (11 lb. 4 oz.) begged for a reweigh but the doctor told him it is against office policy. He's filed suit and is awaiting the outcome. Sofi and Naty are also growing at a great pace, and weighed 9 lb. 14 oz. and 9 lb. 4 oz. respectively. We were very happy to hear they are all in great health. There are no serious health issues to report, but Naty has developed a bit of acid reflux that makes it painful for her to eat. We were worried at first, but she seems to be responding well to some new medicine and has improved markedly over the last day or so. The doctor says that it is normal and she should be just fine. Check out Sam below sporting band aids from his vaccinations, and showing off what a big boy he is.

We are all very excited for the weekend. Saturday is the big Michigan vs. OSU game. The babies feel personally responsible for Michigan's spectacular season and vow to cheer them to victory. We are also expecting some important visitors this weekend. Aunt Silvia (Dan's sister) and Uncle Wes are coming to visit from Virginia. They haven't seen the babies since the week they were born in Phoenix. Although they've been following each development, they are going to be shocked to see how big and fun the babies are in person. Our cousin Danielle is also visiting, as is our friend Mariel from D.C.. We'll all be watching the big game together. Go Blue!

We can't believe how fast time is flying. It has been an amazing 11 and a half weeks of parenthood. We'll continue to keep you posted. We plan to take lots of pictures of the weekend festivities and of the babies' first Thanksgiving, so please stay tuned. GO BLUE!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

In case you're worried that nobody is reading your blog anymore, I had 3 co-workers/friends ask why there weren't any recent updates.

I think you have plenty of silent observers :)

11:09 AM  

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